Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis (PREP)
Empowering youth to overcome challenges
"I come to the 'SPOT' to be productive with my time and to support myself."

watch PREP is a program for young people ages 16-30 who are struggling with changes in their thoughts, feelings or behaviors, which are making it difficult to do the things of everyday life, such as school, work or relationships, which may be signs of psychosis.

purchase Lyrica PREP is a collaborative effort of the Outpatient Clinic of the Massachusetts Mental Health Center and the Commonwealth Research Center. The program is jointly sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and Harvard medical School.

Early Signs

source Early signs of serious mental illness can be confusing and traumatic for patient and family alike. When older adolescents or young adults and their families find themselves grappling with the early stages of psychotic illness, PREP can provide comprehensive developmentally sensitive treatment. Research worldwide suggests that when young people receive prompt, focused intervention for the first episode of psychotic illness, they can make significantly better, more complete, and more sustainable recoveries.

PREP Mission

The earlier the detection, the earlier diagnosis, the earlier the treatment, with the aim of a better life-long outcome for young people and their families.

Who is Eligible

Any resident of the Commonwealth between ages 16 and 30 who has recently developed a psychotic illness are eligible. Individuals who are over 30 are encouraged to apply for special consideration.

For More Information

For referrals, intakes, inquires, and information regarding the PREP program, please contact:
Ann F. Phone: (617) 516-5102

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