Center for Early Detection, Assessment & Response to Risk (CEDAR)
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click The CEDAR clinic is for young people (ages 14-30) who are experiencing new or worsening symptoms that may be warning signs for psychosis. These can include:

  • Difficulties thinking clearly or concentrating
  • Suspiciousness or uneasiness with others
  • Increased sensitivity to sights or sounds
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Having unusual or intense new ideas
  • Having strange feelings or no feelings at all
  • Worrisome drop in grades or work performance
  • Decline in self-care When some of these signs have begun or worsened within the last year, the young person may benefit from a comprehensive evaluation through the CEDAR clinic. There are a number of reasons why these symptoms can be occurring and a good evaluation through CEDAR can help a young person and his/her family to better understand what is going on and what treatments can help. Of note, for some people these symptoms are longstanding and stable. That is, the signs have been around for more than a year and have not been getting more intense or frequent over time. Services at the CEDAR clinic may not be the best fit for these individuals.

Insurance and Fees: For those eligible for services, the CEDAR program is open to all regardless of economic means. A sliding scale assures that no young person or family will be charged more than they can afford. Although health insurance may be billed if there is coverage, treatment does not depend on the decisions of insurance companies.

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